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Mountain Gorilla permits

Be adventurous to Rwanda gorilla safaris at a classic discount, book now for your destiny with adventures unlimited your priority safari co.

Mountain Gorilla trekking adventure in Rwanda is only done in Volcanoes national park, and for all travelers interested in gorilla trekking are required to present an official Gorilla Permit handled by the officials of the national park, a gorilla permit in Rwanda is issued through Rwanda Tourism Office (ORTPN) in Kigali or in Ruhengeri, a body managing permit bookings for gorilla trackers in the jungle.

A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs only USD 750 per person per day all season, there are other means of securing a permits, this can be done through a tour operator that specializes in Rwanda gorilla safaris depending on the terms and conditions agreed on, so you are safe and however, it’s difficult to obtain a permit without booking a tour at the same time.

Volcanoes national park has 10 habituated gorilla groups suitable for trekking and study purposes, each groups is entitled to 8 trackers a day, and bookings are done depending on the availability of permits on the required dates, otherwise booking a permit guarantees you a place for mountain gorilla adventure in the mist, however, no need for delays in communication with tour operators responsible for bookings because gorilla permits are on market and they are received on first come first serve basis, earlier payments for permits will limit last minute panics hence a successful and memorable tour.

It’s the same story in Uganda for trekkers, only that gorilla permits cost USD 600 per day per person in high season, in the low season, a permit is reduced by USD 150 to make USD 350 a standard fee for gorilla trekking during the months of April, May and November. The permits can be got in Kampala at Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters by any tour Agent arranging your trip. More information can also be obtained from our website, in order to make it simple, the whole tour can be obtained through a specialized company.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, one can just arrange the gorilla permits at just USD 400 and a tour through any experienced tour company.

Enjoy a trip worthy your experience! with no strings attached arrange a trip with the best gorilla safari planners in Rwanda, book your tour now and explore the land of a thousand hills with Rwanda gorilla adventure depending on the safaris days, our gorilla safari guides have enough experience to take you around after all the bureaucracy is done to allocated groups for you to go trekking.

The hiking is tricky, routes seem to be thick and muddy due to the fact that some areas are impassable, the unpredictable weather and the slow movements of gorillas but due to our knowledgeable local staff, you will be able to find the rare mountain gorillas in their habitat for tracking. Trackers are supposed to take a full hour with these apes in the jungle performing all activities in the traces of a human being, take pictures with no flash lights to avoid gorillas from charging because they may think that it’s an enemy in their territory, With such wonderful experience you will have changed lots of lives and backing up community tourism for Eco-tourism. Have a million smile after booking a gorilla permit!