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Rwanda Visa

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Rwanda Visa Requirements
Rwanda is one of the most visited countries in Africa. Guidelines have been put up to allowing a person to enter Rwanda. There is a document one has to acquire to get into Rwanda and this is called a visa. The Rwanda visa was put up to regulate and also know what kinds of people enter the country and in case of a problem related to the visitor it can easily be curbed. The Rwanda visa varies among nations as some nations have mutual understanding and agreements with Rwanda so the restrictions and requirement are somehow lessened.

This how Rwanda visa is acquired varying from countries that have agreements with Rwanda and those who don’t have:
Some members of the east African community that is Uganda, Kenya and Burundi acquire a Rwanda visa without paying any fee. When you reach the border point or the airport, you present your travel document or institutionalized identity card or national identity card still valid for more than 6 months. Then you fill the visa applications for the passport holder and the ones with identity cards you fill the pass card finally you give a visa for only 6 months.

The other countries that have a bilateral agreement with Rwanda i.e. Hong Kong, Philippines, Mauritius, Singapore and the Democratic Republic of Congo without visa but you must move with your travel document then you are given a pass. You are supposed to stay in Rwanda for 90 days. If you wish to renew the visa you will have to pay USD 30$.

Nationals of United States of America, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Republic of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand will be issued with entry visa valid for 30 days and will pay for a visa fee ($30) upon arrival without any visa form applied before.

Other African nationals entering Rwanda are supposed to pay a fee of USD 30$ where applicable and without prior application.

Other nationals that are not mentioned above you can get the visa application form online or from the diplomatic office of Rwanda in your country or at the border point and pay a visa fee of USD 30$.

However these are the standard fees for the visas in Rwanda where applicable;
Transit visa costs USD 30$
Entry visa costs USD 30$ and also USD 60$ for some countries.
Tourist and family visa costs USD 50$
Diplomatic visa is free
Conference visa costs USD 30$ and also USD 60$ for some countries that don’t have an agreement with Rwanda
Tourist group visa (4-10 persons) costs USD 100$
East African tourist visa cost USD 100$ but this will allow to travel through the east African counties without any other visa fee.

These are the general requirements that are needed when applying for the Rwanda visa;

One must have a travel document that is valid for more than 6 months
One must pay for the visa fee and incase his/her request is declined the money is not refunded
The vaccination certificate may be needed in case there is an outbreak of a disease at a particular time
An applicant for the visa must have sufficient funds to cover for his/her expense while in Rwanda and proof may be needed online or at any Rwanda consulate in your country or at the border entry point.
Verification documents that is marriage, birth, death and adoption certificates must be presented if needed and they must be the true copies.
Also a police clearance must be presented if asked for.
If you fulfill the above you will qualify to get a Rwanda visa.