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    Join a Gorilla Tour Safari and find suitable packages that are recommended, discover with adventures unlimited as you buy a round safari and have a vast gorilla experience, bird watching, chimpanzee trekking, culture, wildlife and nature.

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    Rwanda is one the hospitable countries in Africa, watch, relate, share with the welcoming people who will make you feel at home!

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About Us

Be adventurous to Rwanda gorilla safaris at a classic discount, book now for your destiny with adventures unlimited your priority safari co.

Rwanda Gorilla adventure is one the best safari companies conducting primer gorilla safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo for over 5 years’ of experience. We take you around to discover the undiscovered place in the land of a thousands hills, all our safaris are proved with a different field experience, we arrange both tailor made and custom tours to our clients at a discount in a comfortable 4X4wheel safari drive car. All trip arrangements are handled by our expert staff who will guide you into the wilderness! Most of our tours start from Kigali city linking you to various area of interest including hotspots such as volcanoes national park home to the rare mountain gorillas ,Nyungwe national park for primates trekking adventure and Akagera national park for wildlife safaris.

Explore the nature, scenery and culture of Rwanda as you travel to one of the best travel destination for gorilla trekking in Africa. Visit the unique culture and historical sites, experience the jungle for wildlife and enjoy gorilla safaris in the misty jungles and discover by yourself the mystery of Rwanda with us!

Were are dedicated at serving and preserving nature as responsible travelers! through community tourism and performing all tourism related practices, we are eligible to take your adventure with our knowledgeable local safari guides for the best of all going wild for gorilla safaris in the jungle.
Adventure Rwanda with no stones unturned for greater discoveries!

Our Mission and Vision
Thanks for visiting Rwanda with Rwanda gorilla Adventure, our mission is to take you to the land of a thousand hills for adventure and discoveries, no place in Africa is like Rwanda when it comes to making successful safaris.
We aim at providing customer services and also giving you comfort for memories that last on your safari.
We build on giving reliable and discount prices on budget, middle range and Rwanda safaris luxury safaris.
Well trained and experienced guide familiar with wilderness will provide the exact information you need.
Best hotel services and hospitality in nature worthy dollars.
We are looking forward at promoting eco and community tourism, client’s satisfaction and increase in the traveler’s knowledge on ground is our key factor.

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