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Kigali city

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Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and by far the largest and most developed city in the country. Located in approximately the centre of the country, Kigali is the centre for trade and politics with most of the government ministries having their headquarters here. The city is built among hills, ridges and valleys but it is relatively developed and clean.
Kigali is an important city in Rwanda and any visitor to the country is highly likely to go through here on their trip. For this reason, the city authorities have tried their best to keep the city as clean as possible and also free from crime. If you litter in the city, disregard traffic laws, exhibit high levels of hooliganism, you will be immediately apprehended by the police. This is probably the only city in Africa where you don’t see thugs hanging from the street corners in the main city centre. However, be wary of dark alleys and walking alone as this is dangerous in any place.
Kigali is a very secure city mainly due to the high level of discipline among the citizens of Rwanda. Above all, visitors are protected especially those from the west because their high economic potential. Kigali is not a very big city and one can go from one end to the other with a lot of ease. The roads in the city centre are very well developed and tarmac so any type of car can smoothly ride on them. The driving laws in Rwanda dictate that you keep right while on the road, so, you should be ready to adjust to this kind of driving or hire yourself a good driver.
Kigali is popular in the region for its very beautiful and ‘bootylicious’ women and to get a feel of all this beauty, you just have to engage in the vibrant nightlife of Kigali. The clubs and bars play popular african music and western music too and I trust you will not feel left out. The most popular night clubs in the city are New Cadillac, Republica which are both top class places to blow off some steam and or have a little fun. There is also planet club which plays house music at the lounge bar and modern pop and hip hop music in the club.
Kigali being a popular tourist destination has several up to par restaurant which serve delicious international dishes with local ones. The city is dominated by Belgian restaurants and a number of Asian restaurants are coming up in the city and the prices are actually very friendly.
The planners of the city definitely had the aspect of beauty in mind since the city has a host of beautiful spots. There is the beautiful fountain on your way to the airport and several other breathtaking views. There are many hotels in the city for all types of clients:-budget, mid-range and luxury options are all available for you in this beautiful city.
Hotels in Kigali
• Kigali Serena Hotel: this is by the best hotel in the whole of Rwanda by some margin. It is owned by the Age Khan Foundation and offers very high class services to luxury guests
• Hotel des Mille Collines: this hotel was portrayed in the famous movie ‘hotel Rwanda’ although the hotel shown in the movie was actually in South Africa. This is a beautiful hotel with a lot of history and good service and relatively cheap but still luxury.
• Hotel Laico Umubano: the hotel was previously known as Novotel but this was changed when the new management took charge and the hotel has been renovated to its current status. The hotel has rooms with a very good view from where you can have a fairytale morning sunrise. This is also for luxury guests.
• For mid-range visitors, the following hotels are highly recommended; Park View Courts Rwanda, Hotel Chez Lando, Okapi Hotel, Kay Sun Hotel.