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Golden Monkeys

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The tourists will depart from the headquarters of volcanoes national park for the trek to face with the golden monkeys. This uncommon specie is listed among those in danger of extinction and today they are just 2 troops of the golden monkeys that have been habituated to guests inside Volcanoes national park. The two troops have got 80 members and they stay in the bamboo vegetation close to the bottom of the volcanoes. This activity is done in small groups of only 8 people and the visitors are usually give an hour to interact with them, these are pretty active creatures and they jump from one tree to another which is quite entertaining.

Tracking the golden monkeys is a great highlight with volcanoes national park and they are among the local species of the commonly seen Sykes monkeys which are referred to as the blue monkeys and it’s also endemic to the higher altitude forests within the area of volcanoes National park. These golden monkeys are so humorous and fascinating and usually spend time jumping among the bamboo branches of the forest. There are two habituated golden monkey groups and one of them which is bigger is found on the bottom of mount Sabinyo. Each golden monkey permit is $100 per individual.