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Tourism in Rwanda

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Tourism in Rwanda


Rwanda is the second smallest country in East Africa situated with African Great Lakes region dominated by mountains in the central and eastern parts traversed by numerous small and big lakes with tropical highland temperature that have favored the stable rise of tourism in Rwanda.

The 1994 Genocide led to a decline in visitors to Rwanda as most parts of the country including the main airport and Kigali city were ravaged with destroyed buildings & dead bodies scaring travelers who were planning to travel and visit Rwanda.
After peace and security returned where brought to normal , foreign investments and tourism got boosted up laying ground for establishment of new financial and commercial bodies like hotels, lodges, better roads, reliable communication as well as increased awareness of conservation of wildlife most notably the Mountain gorillas in the Virunga ranges.

Rwanda tourism has created employment opportunities for locals through established travel companies and agencies that hire Rwandese as managers, tour guides, drivers, park rangers, reservation personnel, website designers, bloggers, marketers to mention but a few. Dubbed the “Land of a Thousand Hills” ,Rwanda has a number of tourist attractions and destinations with the endangered mountain gorillas in the Virunga ranges being the star attraction and the reason why most tourists visit Rwanda.

With over 3 national parks, Virunga ranges, numerous small lakes, genocide memorial sites, unique culture and a variety of wildlife species, Rwanda is truly an amazing safari destination that has something to offer for all types of tourists including backpackers, families, study groups, couples, VIPs, film makers as well as solo travelers. Accommodation is available in the various hotels and safari lodges located in Kigali city and around major parks and destinations like Nyungwe, Akagera, Virunga mountains, Gisenyi, Kibuye among other sites.

Rwanda is blessed with many interesting tour sites that include a fascinating landscape, diverse wildlife species and culture with Gorilla trekking and game viewing ranked as the most popular activities. Explore and adventure Rwanda with an experienced and well trained tour guide in the comfort of a pop-up roof safari van or plane.
Watch wild animals and birds as they freely roam the savannah plains, woodlands and tropical forests as nature intended. A game viewing trip in Akagera park is the perfect way to experience Rwanda’s unique wilderness, animals recorded in this park include giraffes, huge herds of buffaloes, hippos, elephants, giant river crocodiles, zebras, impalas and beautiful birds like red-faced barbet , souse shrike, giant shoebill stork, White-collard olive back that can be watched in the wetlands. Boat rides on Lake kivu & Kagera river will open you to water animals and birds plus a chance to tour the numerous islands located on these lakes.

Tourists interested in primates can visit Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe forest for a chance to encounter the mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, chimpanzees, monkeys among other intriguing species of primates. Volcanoes Park is home to an estimated a third of surviving mountain gorillas in the world, a trek through the jungles is the perfect way to encounter these giant apes and other primates like monkeys plus over 165 birds recorded.
Nyungwe forest on the hand is another interesting Rwanda tourism destination believed to contain up to 13 different primate species and over 270 species of bird alongside other mammals, plants and reptile species that can be seen during a guided forest walk. Primate tracking in Rwanda can be combined with mountain hiking on one of the eight Virunga ranges including Mount Karisimbi ; the highest point in Rwanda , Mount bisoke, Muhabura, Sabinyo and Gahinga.

A trip to one or two genocide memorial sites in Kigali city and it’s outskirts is the best way to learn about the history of the horrific genocide that ravaged Rwanda during the 100 days of madness where thousands of Tutsi and a few moderate hutu were slaughtered. Popular genocide sites include Murambi, Gisenyi, Nyamata, Bisesero, Ntarama, Nyarubuye and Gisozi. Learn about events leading to genocide, watch video testimonies of survivors’ as well scary skulls and mass graves.

For more information about tourism in Rwanda and how to book a safari, get in touch with us through rwandagorillatrekkingsafaris.com. Our tour experts and guides are ready to give you everything you need to know about Rwanda including favorite spots visited, best time to visit, political atmosphere, latest news and updates.




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