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Rwanda the best travel destination

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Rwanda the best travel destination


Rwanda is the second smallest country in East Africa only beaten by Burundi. Although Rwanda is small in terms of area scope, it cannot be underestimated when it comes to natural biodiversity. Due its endowment in the natural biodiversity it has endorsed itself as one of the most visited countries in Africa. Thousands of tourists fly to Rwanda to encounter its wildlife, unique culture and its good climate.

Many people who have come to Rwanda have had good remarks about their expeditions due to the sensational tourism destinations Rwanda possesses  and the following are some of the destinations or activities that make the experience of travelling to Rwanda the best;

The Kigali city tour; this can lead you to visiting the genocide memorial center, powerful religious center, the presidential palace, the national museums  having a nice delicacy at exquisite restaurants and looking at the great architecture in Kigali.

Visiting the Volcanoes National Park in Musanze practically Ruhengeri in the northern part of Rwanda; this well known for its possession of mountain gorilla safaris in the Virunga mist ranges. Mountain gorillas are one of the most visited and tracked animals in Africa due to their uniqueness as they are the hugest primates on earth, they are one of man’s closest relatives i.e. they possess 98% of human DNA.   The way they relate amongst themselves is almost familiar to that of man. These gorillas are also endangered species that is there population is reducing drastically so many tourists are rushing to watch these great apes for the last time.

There are also the golden monkeys at the basement of the volcanoes national park which are also rare and interesting species of primates worthy to visit.

Taking a trip to Nyungwe national park can also give the best experience. Nyungwe forests holds 13 different kinds of primate species and some of them are the chimpanzees, grey cheeked mangabey, red tailed monkeys, rwenzori colombus, vevet monkeys and may more. These are very interesting primates that many tourist opt to go if they fail to track the gorillas or they can act as supplementary attractions on a gorilla tour in Rwanda. These primates are also man’s closest relatives the chimpanzees in particular. While at Nyungwe you can your sight is rewarded with beauty of colored birds over the forests as the park has over 310 bird species i.e. Giant hornbills, great blue turacos and red-breasted sparrowhawks are amongst the specials, of which 27 are endemic to the section of the Albertine Rift Valley. It is also designed by beautiful butterflies that fly around the forest.

The canopy walk experience is important to mention as this can lead walking on an elevated trail roped up on top of the forest canopies. The canopy trail is 50 meters off the ground and with this you can be able to have an overview of the Nyungwe forest

While in Rwanda the Akagera national park is not worthy a miss as this inhabits over 8000 big mammals like zebras, giraffes, elephants, elands and many more. The lion was recently introduced in the park and they are planning to bring the rhinos so that it the park can restore its pride of possessing the big five animals. There is also an interesting educational activity that is undertaken at the park called the behind the scene. The latter involves narrations of how this park was formed and also the efforts being made to conserve and preserve the park.
Akagera national park also has Lake Ihema and Shakani where you can take a boat ride, sightseeing and also sport fishing.

One cannot leave Rwanda without having a picnic at Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu is the largest fresh water body in Rwanda with a variety of resorts. While at this lake you can have so many leisure activities like boat riding, swimming, sunbathing, beach partying and so much more.

With the above attractions one can have a splendid experience in Rwanda which you can never forget. You will keep craving for more on your stay in Rwanda.


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